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I designed the Portable Tool Table to hold all my portable or bench top power tools when I realized that I was beginning to run out of bench top space. The unique designs allow for any type of bench top tool to be mounted and can be customized to anyone’s preferred comfort working height. Because the design incorporates a doubled-hinged wheel assembly, it can be easily moved throughout the workshop.

The table is constructed out of ¾ inch A/C plywood, but can be made with any ¾ inch plywood. The entire table can be made from a piece of 4’ by 8’ plywood. The main table construction is basic, but the wheel assembly can be a little more challenging due the layout for hinges and moving parts. The main plan should get you started and I added pictures of the more complicated wheel assembly.

The wheel assembly uses swivel wheels that are attached to two layers (structural support) of plywood and hinge to the end cross support rails. I tried one layer and the plywood began to bow when the weight of the bench top tools were added. Two wheel locks are used on each side of the wheel assembly. This secures the wheels in the down position to allow the table to be moved around the shop. When the lock is removed using the string, wheel assembly will hinge upward and due to the weight of the table, the post will then touch the floor. If you need to move the table again, just lift up on each end of the table and due to gravity the wheel locks will drop into position to lock the wheel assembly in place.

The overall height is 28 inches. This allows for the bench top tools to be mounted so that the working surface is near 36 inches. You might need to add custom spacers to adjust the height to 36 inches or whatever your comfort working height.

Have fun! If you have questions, you are welcome to email me.

Portable Tool Table
Portable_Tool_Table PlywoodCutLayout
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Portable Tool Table Sections
PortableToolTable Top Under_Top Wheel_Assbly Wheel_Lock
Side Wheels_Down Wheels_Up Hinge_Close_Up Hinge_Groove
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