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Weather Links

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Oregon Climate Service Climatology
Alaska Climate Research Center - Current Weather Around Alaska Current Conditions
Find Local Weather Current Conditions
IPS MeteoStar Bouy Reports Current Conditions
MesoWest Surface Observations Map Current Conditions
Oregon DEQ - Air Monitoring (KPTV Tower Temps) Current Conditions
Portland (KPDX) MesoWest Page Current Conditions
The National Center for Atmospheric Research - RAP Real-Time Weather Data Current Conditions
Troutdale (KTTD) MesoWest Page Current Conditions
Vancouver (KVUO) MesoWest Page Current Conditions
Weather Underground Interactive Map Current Conditions - Regional Max/Min Temp and Precipitation Table Current Conditions
NWS Hourly Weather Roundup for Alaska Current Conditions
Alaska Climate Research Center Web Cam Current Conditions - The Northwest Ski and Snow Report Current Conditions
Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology - El Nino/La Nina Graphs El Nino/La Nina
Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology - ENSO Wrap-Up El Nino/La Nina
CFS Forecast of Seasonal Climate Anomalies El Nino/La Nina
NWS Climate Prediction Center - El Nino/La Nina/Sourth Oscillation (ENSO) Diagnostic Discussion El Nino/La Nina
University of Washington PDO Index El Nino/La Nina
Weekly SST data El Nino/La Nina
The International Research Institure for Climate and Society El Nino/La Nina
The Long Paddock - Climate Management Information for Rural Australia El Nino/La Nina
NOAA Climate Prediction Center - Cold & Warm Episodes by Season El Nino/La Nina
NOAA Current Animations of SST and OLR El Nino/La Nina
NOAA Satellite and Information Service - Current Operational SST Anomaly Charts for the Year 2009 El Nino/La Nina
Tropical Atmosphere Ocean Project - TAO/TRITON Data display El Nino/La Nina
Unisys Current Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly Plot El Nino/La Nina
Allan's Model and Weather Data Page General Weather 
Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies (COLA) Weather and Climate Data General Weather 
Jim Little Weather General Weather 
KATU Weather General Weather 
KGW Weather General Weather 
KOIN Weather General Weather 
KPTV Weather General Weather 
Mark Nelsen's Weather Links Page General Weather General Weather 
Portland, OR NWS Forecast Center General Weather 
Oregon Dept of Agriculture - Daily Smoke Management Forecast General Weather 
National Centers for Environmental Prediction - The Hydrometeorological Prediction Center Extended Forecast Discussion General Weather 
Plymouth State Weather Center - Make Your Own... Historical
The Cryosphere Today - Compare Daily Sea Ice Historical
The Storm King - Some Historical Weather Events in the Pacific Northwest Historical
Unisys Weather - Image and Map Archive Historical
NOAA Central Library US Daily Weather Maps Project Historical
NOAA Satellite and Information Service - National Climate Data Center Historical
NOAA 6-Hourly NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis Data Composites Historical
Utah State University GIS Climate Search Historical
NWS National Hurricane Center Hurricane
NEXRAD Rader (Portland) Maps/Radar/Satellites
NOAA Climate Prediction Center - 500-hpa Height Anomalies Maps/Radar/Satellites
NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory - PSD Map Room Maps/Radar/Satellites
NOAA Satellite and Information Service - Geostationary Satellite Server Maps/Radar/Satellites
NWS Climate Prediction Center - US Hazards Assessment Maps/Radar/Satellites
Unisys Weather Homepage Maps/Radar/Satellites
University of Washington Weather Graphics Loops Maps/Radar/Satellites
University of Washington - Pacific Northwest Environmental Forecasts and Observations Models
Canadian Model 00z (Mark Nelsen's links) Models
Canadian Weather Office - Canadian Ensemble Forecasts Models
College of DuPage Model Products Models
ecmm Composite Analog Models
ECMWF Deterministic Forecast Models
ECMWF Maps Models
GFS Enemble Model Loop Models
IPS MeteoStar - KPDX GFS 16-day Plots Models
IPS MeteoStar - KTTD GFS 16-day Plots Models
IPS MeteoStar - KVUO GFS 16-day Plots Models
IPS MeteoStar GFS Model Forecast Models
Mark Nelsen's ECMWF 500mb/sfc images Models
Mark's Model Display Interface Models
WxCaster - New Selection for Model Extraction Models
Naval Research Laboratory - NRL/FNMOC NOGAPS Grid Displays Models
NCEP & HPC Loops Page Models
Numerical Forecase Models Models
NWS NCEP Central Operations - Model Analyses and Forecasts Models
Plymouth State Weather Center - Composite Overlay Model Maps Models
University of Michigan Weather Model Forecasts Models
NWS Climate Prediction Center - D+8 Upper Air Tools Models
NWS Ocean Prediction Center Models
Pennslyvania State University eWall: The Electronic Map Wall Models
NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory Rapid Cycle Update (RUC) Models
Solar Cycle 24 Solar
Solar Cycle Progression - NOAA/Space Weather Prediction Center Solar
NOAA Daily Solar Data Solar
New Pacific/North American Pattern Teleconnections
Pacific/North American Pattern Teleconnections
NOAA Climate Indices Teleconnections
NWS Pressure Unit Conversion Tools
AMS Portland and Southwest Washington Chapter Weather Groups
Jim Little - Northwest Weather Bulletin Board Weather Groups
KPTV Weather Blog Weather Groups
Western USA Wx Forum Weather Groups


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